Panama / San Blas


The most famous crossroad in the western hemisphere has so much to offer: a modern capital, spectacular tropical beaches, hidden waterfalls in verdant jungles, lovely offshore islands, and the unique marvel of the Panama Canal.

The S-shaped isthmus of Panama is a mecca for naturalists and bird watchers alike!  The country’s remarkable biodiversity is due to its position as a narrow land bridge between two continents and the size of its wilderness areas and protected rain forests.

The Canal was completed in 1914 after 10 years in construction. The massive steel lock gates are 70 feet tall, weigh 745 tons each, and manage hundreds of thousands of gallons of rushing water.  The transit of yachts, ships and tankers gliding through these massive locks past a Panama’s rain forests is a spectacle to behold.

The major yachting attraction in Panama is the San Blas archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea just a few short miles from the dense jungles of the mainland.  San Blas is home to the Kuna Indians and their famous markets offering beadwork, shells, carvings and colorful textiles featuring the unique mola design.  Enjoy the relaxed pace of this tropical paradise and enjoy all of the fresh fish, lobster, crab, and conch you can eat!