Sailing the Adriatic – the coast, islands and marinas of Croatia

Croatia borders the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most indented shores of Europe with over a thousand islands. This spectacular coast offers a rich choice of safe sheltered ports and idyllic anchorages along with marinas and a nautical infrastructure that create an ideal cruising area for your holiday.

There are 4 National Parks on this coast and the country is rich in culture and history. From the 5th to the 2nd century BC, the coast was ruled by the Greeks. The area became the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia and was later influenced by the Venetians and many other Mediterranean cultures, creating the interesting and diverse country of Croatia. UNESCO has declared Split and Dubrovnik World Heritage sites.

Split dates from 300 AD, the ancient city of Split took over from Salona as the metropolis of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The medieval town developed out of the Emperor Diocletian’s palace, which is recorded as a UNESCO – “monument of universal importance”. Other sites to visit include the Peristyle, Jupiter’s Temple and Visesla’s Baptistry. The city and marina are close to Split airport and the port is an ideal point to join your Interpac charter yacht and is within easy reach of the off lying islands, providing the first part of your cruise.

The many local wines and seafoods, including oysters, prawns, lobsters, date shells and mussels are often on the menu. Try Scampi Buzaru, a delicious dish of fresh local prawns. Another specialty is Prsut, a wind dried ham. What could be nicer than a plate of freshly sliced Prsut with fresh bread and a glass of wine straight from the oak cask!

Split is our usual summer base, which provides a good selection of services and support to ready your charter yacht for your holiday. Interpac has some suggested itineraries here for planning your cruise and an idea of the distances that can be covered comfortably.


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Split to Dubrovnik

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