Corsica / Sardina

Rustic Natural Beauty

“…tranquil coves for idyllic enjoyment of water sports…”

Corsica and Sardinia, two dramatic islands — One French flavored, the other unmistakably Italian — are both rugged and wild with large areas untouched by human kind.  Each island, however, has a multitude of small fishing villages and protected tranquil anchorages not accessible by land and ideal for the enjoyment of the water sports on board your yacht.

CORSICA, the French Island, has ports and harbors for every taste: painted Calvi in the North; bustling Ajaccio to the West; and, in the South, the towering cliffs at Bonifacio provide one of the safest, most hidden, anchorages in the Mediterranean.

SARDINIA, a part of Italy, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and a famed beach resort.  Sardinians love to eat out and their cuisine is as diverse as their landscape.  Their wonderful breads, cheeses, fish and meat dishes are prepared with a combination of ingredients introduced by ancient invaders and traditionally prepared by shepherds, farmers and fishermen.

Be sure to stop at the Maddalena Islands — a charming and largely uninhabited archipelago — before reaching Porto Cervo, on the Aga Khan’s famed “Costa Smeralda”.  Porto Cervo, a recreation of a Sardinian fishing village can be described as active, sporty, chic and very popular with royalty and movie stars alike!   By day, visit the numerous islets and inlets of Sardinia or anchor off the renowned Cala di Volpe with its Sardo-Moorish architecture.  Take a leisurely lunch, water ski, windsurf or jet ski, returning to Porto Cervo in the early evening for a game of tennis or round of golf.  End your day with a wonderful Sardinian meal and nighttime celebration.

Itineraries can encompass CORSICA and SARDINIA alone, but the cruise shown above is a favorite route for yachts over 100 feet because of its wonderful variety.  For charters of only ten days, disembarkation can take place in Porto Cervo.