Imagine a land where birds do not fly away, pirates once buried stolen treasure, and some of the most extraordinary wildlife is on full display!

Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most unique charter destinations on earth.

You will be captivated by moon-like landscapes, mist covered volcanic peaks, dramatic seascapes, black and white sand beaches, and forests of tall prickly pear cactus.

Blue-Footed boobies, pink flamingos, flightless cormorants, both land and marine iguanas and the Galapagos tortoise roam freely as they did thousands of years ago …  Untouched for centuries, they never learned to fear humans.

A very limited number of vessels have permits to visit this hidden refuge … so it is important to plan your trip early.

The Galapagos National Park is a living laboratory which harbors some of the rarest species on earth … If you have an interest in ecology, wildlife or natural history, you will have a truly unforgettable charter experience!