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Relax as you sail the majestic Danube on an unforgettable journey from Vienna to Prague. Celebrate the astounding beauty and variety of architectural styles to be found in just one region—and often in a single building. Discover the imposing 900-year-old Baroque Melk Abbey; the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Wachau Valley; and Old Town Regensburg, the largest intact Medieval town in Europe. Waltz through imperial Vienna, home to some of Europe’s finest music, art, and architecture. Explore Passau with its Italian-Baroque flair, and delight in a cathedral organ concert. Walk through the Medieval walled town of Nuremberg, where you will encounter fascinating fortifications. And take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Bavarian Forest before visiting Theresienthal, one of the world’s leading handmade crystal glass manufacturers. At the start and end of your journey, take advantage of “Choice Is Yours” excursions that let you “See Vienna as the Viennese Do” on an intimate tour of Viennese daily life or take a WWII historical tour in Nuremberg. Along the way, savor the flavors of the region, from Vienna’s pastries and distinctive coffee to the delicate, apricot-scented wines of the Wachau Valley.  

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