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SOCIETY ISLANDS & TAHITI – Yacht Itinerary Highlights

 Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

Papeete is the point of arrival from Los Angeles. Warm trade winds, fragrant floral lei’s, traditional musicians greet you.. An introduction to your yachting adventure starts in Tahiti, the largest of the 118 Polynesian Islands. If time allows visit the cascades of Faarumai, the Robert Wan Black Pearl Museum, the Gauguin Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Maraa Grottos. Stock up on colorful pareos and monoi coconut oil for your charter in Papeete’s public market and be sure to take in a colorful Polynesian cultural show!

Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

Just 15 miles from Tahiti lies the heart-shaped island of Moorea – one of the most beautiful in the Pacific! Moorea was the inspiration for Michener’s mythical BALI HAI and locale for many classic motion pictures including MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. Take a drive to Belvedere lookout for a breathtaking view of Moorea’s translucent green lagoons surrounded by the azure Polynesian sea.

Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

Huahine is actually two islands, joined by a bridge, basking in one large lagoon. It is a peaceful, happy place with a traditional Polynesian way of life. Plantations of vanilla, coffee and taro and groves of breadfruit, mango, banana and papaya cover the island. Be sure to explore the village of Fare and visit Polynesia’s most important archeological sites… temples, ancient villages and stone fish traps lend clues to a civilization that existed over 1,000 years ago. Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

This lush and tranquil island is named for its numerous fragrant vanilla plantations. Tahaa is the only Society Island that can be completely circled by boat inside a protected lagoon. Few inhabitants, natural beauty, and a friendly unhurried pace make Tahaa a most relaxing setting. Kayak along the coastline in the late afternoon sun. Be sure not to miss a Botanical Plantation Tour and a visit to one of the islands Black Pearl Farms.Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

RAIATEA – THE SACRED ISLANDTahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary
According to legend, Raiatea is the birthplace of the gods and ancestral home of French Polynesia. From here the great canoes set out on voyages of discovery to Hawaii and New Zealand. Raiatea’s most famous landmark is an open air temple with seven stone altars.   The island has beautiful lush green valleys, vanilla and pineapple plantations.   

Visit historic sites, or spend the day on an uninhabited motu. Swim. Snorkel. Relax on the deck on your private yacht. Dine at a local restaurant with traditional Polynesian music. Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

Be prepared! Your first glimpse of Bora Bora is love at first site! Poets, sailors, adventurers and other romantics have claimed this island as their own… and so will you! An artist’s palette of blues and greens surround you… Aquamarine… Turquoise… Lapis Lazuli… Cobalt… Periwinkle… Sapphire… Jade.  Spend at least two days in this stunning lagoon. Picnic on your own private motu. Swim. Visit a local “lagoonarium” and snorkel with rays, turtles and reef fish. Enjoy an exhilarating sail against one of the most stunning backdrops in the world! Tahiti - French Polynesia - Yacht Itinerary

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