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Komodo Archipelago, Indonesia Itinerary Highlights

Sun-drenched hills slipping into countless turquoise bays rimmed with pink sand beaches provide a dramatic backdrop for the day’s adventures in the Komodo Archipelago.  These islands are blessed with hundreds of secluded beaches, transparent crystal clear waters, and coral reefs with some of the best diving in the world.   Komodo - Indonesia - Bali - Yacht Charter - Silolona

Stroll on a crescent shaped beach where the only footprints are yours or those of a Komodo dragon. Late afternoon is the perfect time to gear up for some fishing or simply relax on the aft deck of your yacht and watch a stunning sunset.

Night time in Komodo brings its own special magic, from dinner on deck under the brilliant stars of the Milky Way to barbeques and bonfires on the beach. Shooting stars and glittering phosphorescence fades as you seek the sanctuary of your stateroom to rest up for the next day’s adventures.

Sabolon Island
After embarkation, cruise up the eastern coast of Komodo Island to Sabolon Island: within less than an hour, you will already be able to enjoy your first swim! The rest of the day will be dedicated to water sports and beach relaxation. Celebrate your first evening in the Komodo Archipelago with a sunset cocktail on on the scenic coast of this small beautiful island. Komodo Dragon - Yacht Charter Bali Indonesia - yacht Silona 

Rinca Island
Early morning, visit the natural park on Rinca Island to see the Komodo dragons in their native habitat along with wild boars, monkeys, wild water buffalos and scores of
birds.  Your guide will share fascinating information about the dragon and the fauna and flora of the park.

Pantai Merah
Return to your yacht for brunch and cruise to nearby rocky islet for a spectacular underwater dive. Spend the afternoon at “Pantai Merah” (the pink beach), world famous for its pink sand and excellent snorkeling and diving. Anchor at night in the bay adjacent to a small fishing village.

Padar Island
Padar Island is a favorite stop in the Komodos. Offering superb scenery Padar is a great place to enjoy myriad activities like sea kayaking, water skiing, diving and snorkeling, hiking and beachcombing. Those who prefer to walk and explore will have the opportunity to observe many kinds of birds in their natural environment. The view of nearby islands from the top of Padar is stunning. Admire the different shades of the sea when the sun and clouds are reflected in it.  Sail towards Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawa Laut. Indonesia Yacht Charter Bali Islands

Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawah Laut
Wake up again surrounded by truly magnificent scenery! Every island of this archipelago is magical and the small islands of Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawah Laut are no exception. Gili Lawah Laut offers some very interesting sites for snorkeling and diving where you can see some of the most diverse fish groups which populate the waters of Komodo. You might be lucky and even see sea turtles, dolphins or mantas! If you wish to take a walk, don’t forget your camera: views from the top of the nearby hill extend 360 degrees over the Komodo Park and look down on your yacht resting calmly in the turquoise bay below. Bali, Indonesia, Yacht Charter, Scuba, Dive, Snorkel, Mandarin Fish

Batu Muncul
Batu Muncul offers stunning crescent-shaped beaches with pristine white sand where swimming is superb. There are also excellent spots for diving and snorkeling.

Banta Island
Although Banta Island lies outside the National Park boundaries, its numerous finger-like bays and crescent shaped beaches offer excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.  Banta is noted for a large population of giant turtles and manta rays. Enjoy a beach barbeque as the sun sets and skies shift to brilliant stars and the Milky Way makes it arc across the night sky. Bali, Indonesia, Yacht Charter, Culture

Early birds will be able to enjoy their last swim at Pulau Sebayor before navigating towards the airport at Labuhan Bajo. After a leisurely breakfast on deck overlooking the local fishing boats, it will be time to bid farewell to your crew and board your flight back to Bali.

Itinerary highlights for the Komodo Archipelago are courtesy of yacht SILOLONA.

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