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Marmaris Weekly Market – Vibrant in Winter

I normally don’t get home from the market and feel the need to write about my experience.  I’ve been going to that market for a good 17 or 18 years and it’s something of a weekly ritual …  If I’ve talked to you about my market visits, I’ll have told you that it’s some form of therapy to be surrounded by those old-fashioned farming types who are salt of the earth, who live a simple existence revolving around a love of the land which nurtures and sustains them.  MARKET DAY MARMARIS TURKEY YACHT CHARTER BLUE CRUISE

Today was no ordinary market visit.  I went off expecting to buy the morning’s milk direct from the farmer who grows my favorite avocados, lemons and persimmons. I wore five layers of clothing, plus a scarf, because the market is a cold place in the winter.  I had my trusty “pazar arabasi” or trolly cart to pull along and some money chinking in my purse.  Apart from these, I had a paper envelope full of photos.  Well!  Pulling out this envelope turned my 2 kilos of onions – one kilo of potatoes – one kilo of Garlic  – 3 litres of cow’s milk weekly experience into something else! MARKET DAY MARMARIS TURKEY YACHT CHARTER BLUE CRUISEMARKET DAY MARMARIS TURKEY YACHT CHARTER BLUE CRUISE

I realised that by showing photos of villagers to other villagers, I could locate any one of them in an instant!!  I learnt that by showing just one photo to a “pictured villager” would mean I would then have to pass the whole bunch over to them so that they could check out the rest!  I learnt that I could make many a sweet old lady smile and perhaps reveal a gleaming gold tooth during that moment of recognition — the pictured person was “them”!  Any who were not photographed asked when it would be their turn.  Others asked if they could souvenir pictures of me, because they happened to be among the bunch and they really wanted a picture of me smiling (??) !  They were so thrilled with the photos – there were smiles all over and pats on the shoulder — some even asked if they had to pay??

The response was more positive than I could ever have imagined — how such a simple thing as a photograph could create such joy, encourage such playfulness, left me wondering how much it would take to make a whole nation — or indeed, a whole planet — of people feel good about themselves.  MARKET DAY MARMARIS TURKEY YACHT CHARTER BLUE CRUISE

These people don’t have many worldly possessions, they get up with the rising sun and work the earth until sundown each day.  And although many walk may with a slight stoop, have gaps in their teeth or must place a warming head scarf or woolen flat cap around their weather-worn faces, their smiles have a youthfulness and energy that is contagious.  They’re happy — I’m happy!!

Contributed by guest blogger, Victoria Boz

Photos by Beverly Parsons

Yachting Marmaris Turkey Gulet Charter Blue Voyage Cruise

Yachting Marmaris Turkey Gulet Charter Blue Voyage Cruise

Yachting Marmaris Turkey Gulet Charter Blue Voyage Cruise




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