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Does your mind wander to thoughts of powder-white sands, coral reefs, crystal-blue seas and bright stars above?  Do you dream of discovering exotic islands like the explorers of old, anchoring each night in a quiet bay or near a picturesque village, or snorkeling with exotic fish and sea turtles?

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF YACHT CHARTERS & CHARTERING …In this fast paced world of crushing crowds and package tours, chartering is the only luxury travel choice that puts you in charge of every detail of your vacation.  There is no limit to the extravagance you can enjoy.  Or the simplicity.


SAVOR the sunrise over picturesque ports and enchanting island retreats … SWIM in shimmering lagoons and secluded coves with pristine white-sand beaches … DISCOVER the beauty of living coral reefs and exotic sea life … SNORKEL over submerged cities of ancient civilizations … INDULGE in a gourmet meal on board in your own “al fresco” restaurant where the backdrop changes every day … MARVEL at the midnight sun in majestic Alaska … RELAX on deck under soft golden rays of the afternoon sun …TOAST your discoveries as the sun sets with vibrant colors over the ocean before you.

Experience all of these wonders and more.  Simply call our office to begin planning the yacht vacation of your dreams and find out first hand why we at INTERPAC YACHTS say “THE BEST THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA!”

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When choosing your yacht, the first hand knowledge of an experienced broker is invaluable.
Beverly Parsons has been chartering since 1969.

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